Wundargoodie Aboriginal Safaris, owned and operated by Colin and Maria Morgan (Dad & Mum) have been operating tours throughout the Kimberley since 1994.


Colin and Maria have a deep affinity for life and land in the Kimberley as traditional owners of country. They taught their five children traditional methods of hunting, survival and tracking skills.


Colin was born in Wyndham and raised in the Forrest River Mission know as Oombulgurri. Just Over The Hills tours offers a unique experience where dad shares cultural stories, traditional bush survival methods & explains significant historical events and sites.  

Since the age of ten I have grown up within the tourism industry, inspiring me to learn more about my culture and the European history in the Kimberley region.


I have learnt about other tribes and have been privileged to work with other traditional custodians who have given me permission to tell their stories. 


Since 2010 I have guided 4wd Action on two tours filming these tracks and our country, producing 2 full-length programs. Working with 4wd Action has really inspired the dream ‘Just Over The Hills’.

  • 22 years tour host experience

  • Extreme 4-wheel-driving

  • Remote access fishing

  • Traditional Owners

  • Insight into tradtional methods 

  • Significant historical sites

  • Rock Art viewing

  • 4wd coaching  

  • Away from all the main Kimberley tourist attractions

  • Vehicle setpup support