Touring Oombullgurri, Kalumburu, Ballangarra Country...


Over the tour you will traverse the 400 kilometre Carson River Track, leaving behind the Gibb River Road near Home Valley Station and emerging again at Kalumburu.


 The Carson River Track Tag-a-Long Tour is a journey of understanding. As you travel through this ancient land inhabited by our Indigenous people for many thousands of years you will be immersed in culture! You will also be exposed to the stories of all those who have passed this way before you. You will learn about the history, culture, pioneers and military significance of this remote place.


Every day you will move forward on your journey and this will involve some very serious 4WDriving over what Ronald Morgan, the lead guide describes as a goat track. Each day may involve up to 5 hours of driving, opprtunity for fishing, photography, relaxing & much more. 



Trips are rated A through to E, with A meaning only suited to vehicles with an extreme level of off-road modification and E meaning perfectly suited for all types of 4WD vehicles.


Gibb River Rd: D - these days this is an easy trip for any moderately equipped 4WD. 


Purnululu: C - the remote nature of the area coupled with the need to be totally self-sufficient earns this track C.


Kalumburu: B - the tyranny of distance and possible atrocious road conditions make this a trip for the more experienced off-road adventurer.


Tablelands Track: A - this is as hard as it gets, remote, difficult and dangerous; this track is not for the inexperienced.



The Kimberley certainly is a play ground for fishermen and 4wdrivers a like but it is certainly a photographers dream!! 


"Words can't describe & photos don't do it justice" - But we certainly guarantee you will capture the best landscapes of your career to date! 


Truly epic sunsets, amazing color saturation, extreme scale of land and the breath taking night sky’s will provide boundless subject matter.


The best fishing in the Kimberley like most regions is in the hard to reach places… Why go HELI Fishing when the river systems JOTH tours take you through is exactly this!!!


Wyndham - Oombulgurri you will fish all the estuary rivers, surrounding Kalumburu is open salt water fishing!


Target species include Barramundi, Finger Mark, Black Bream and many more. Please feel free to bring your cast net for live bait! 

Traditional Culture

Aboriginal Australians are the oldest traditional people in the world! Dating back more then 42,000 years.


Traditional Culture covers many facets of life, which on this tour you will have the privilege to learn about. The Morgan family being Traditional Owners have the approval to not only guide you through sacred country but to explain / teach principals from this ancient way of life!


Throughout the tour you will learn about;

  • Significant historical sites where ceremony’s took place, battles were fought & great damage was caused to Indigenous people during the colonization period.

  • Dream Time Stories

  • Bush Medicine

  • Bush Tucker

  • Rock Art & what art means to Indigenous people

  • Tool making ie; Boomerang & Spear making etc..

  • Flora & Fauna