Vehicle prep & minimum vehicle setup requirement  


Due to the extreme / remote conditions your vehicle is going to be working in, the set up of your vehicle needs to meet our minimum requirements in the interest of being able to complete the tour and your safety. Below is a guide to the minimum requirements, and contact details of our recommended service businesses. With any questions or concerns please contact Just Over The Hills office to discuss your vehicle. When preparing for this tour, it is important to remember you will need to be completely self sufficient for 10 days (carry supplies for 13 days, you may be out bush for longer then intended) - water 110l - food - refrigeration - fuel etc. 

J O T Hills recommends all guests take advantage of Kununurra 4wd spares offer of a 'pre-tour inspection'. We know you know your vehicle, however Kununurra 4wd spares knows the conditions your vehicle is about to endure!! At the cost of $50 (for J O T Hills guests) you have peace of mind that you have done all you can to prevent far more expensive break downs on the track... J O T Hills office is happy to book your vehicle in.


Getting bogged or stuck in positions requiring recovery equipment is inevitable. Every vehicle on the tour is required to carry a recovery kit including the following.

Minimum Requirement;

 - Snatch Strap - weighted to your vehicle + Tow line

 - Two front and one rear recovery point 

 - Shovel

 - Hand Winch 


Tyres Plus 
Lanny Garratt
4 Coolibah Drive

Lanny Garratt is the owner of Tyres Plus Kununurra and has built a great reputation in the Kimberley for customer service! Lanny will check your tyres and give you an honest opinion of there suitability to cope with the tour. The terrain is a mixture of many, shaley loose rocks, fixed sharp rocks, wet mud, corrugation and more. Just Over The Hills expects each vehicle to be travelling with a puncture repair kit and a minimum of 2x spare tyres with at least 60% life (the two spares need to be on rims with a third spare tyre either on or off a rim). The other four tyres on the 4wd also need a bare minimum of 60% life.  


Many river crossings and many hours of hard labour for your vehicle requires you to carry spares and tools.

Minimum Requirement;

 - Radiator hose kit

 - Fan belt kit

 - Fuel filter

 - Electrical fuses  

 - Hand tools - Socket set, Spanners, Screw Drivers etc..